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   Laffoon Family 


Robert Laffoon And Angel Laffoon

Angel Laffoon and Aubrie Laffoon

Are 1st. Grandchild

Rob Laffoon anf Aubrie Laffoon

My 1st Grandchild

Brianna Laffoon and Aubrie

Arianna Laffoon and Aubrie

Robert Amber and Aubrie

a Cute Family

Aaron Mcroberts

bad Hair day


Acting Normal

Arianna and Brianna

1st day of School

Arianna and Brianna

8th Grad Formal



Angel Arianna and Brianna

Robert Laffoon

7 Month old

Dads Truck

at Lake Hill Speedway

Robert Earl Laffoon

Junior(Ralph), Lyle (Bub ), Nina, Bonnie, Lila May

My Mom and Dad

Don Hedges and Janet Hedges

Great In-Laws

Aaron and Angel

Aubrie Laffoon

Rob Playing with Aubrie

My Grandchild

Janet Hedges and Aubrie

Great Grandma (mamaw)

Amber and Aubrie

Just Hours old

Robert Laffoon Jr.